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Fibre and led lighting solution uniquely tailored for your projects.

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30 years experience

We offer our clients know-how based on a extensive experience in the field of fiber optic and led lighting.

Wide product range

We propose a large variety of high standard products with cutting-edge lighting technology.

Taillor made solutions

We accompany you from the design stage to the final completion of your project.

Worlwide references

We accompany our clients like The Louvre Museum, Disneyland Paris and Topkapi Palace.

Discover the Enlightening Benefits
of Fibre Optic Lighting

Unmatched Efficiency

Low power consumption, heat generation, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Incredible Longevity

Longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, saves time and money.

Safety First

Produces no heat at light point, reducing burn and fire risk.

Versatile Installation

Flexible and lightweight for easy installation in hard-to-reach areas.

Stellar Quality

Provides high-quality, focused light for stunning displays.

Weatherproof Quality

Resistant to weather conditions, perfect for outdoor use.


Our Lighting Applications

Pool & Spas Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Retail Lighting

Hospitality Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Maritime & Yacht Lighting

Starry Sky

Decorative Lighting

Our Lighting Products

Fiber optic products

Light generator

Fiber Harnessess

Fiber Optic Luminaires

Standard sets

Led products

Led Downlight

Led light tubes

Led spot

Linear systems

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